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Something really COOL showed up on our doorstep yesterday: a very special delivery from our friends at Butcher Box*. We teamed up with Butcher Box for their January subscription box of pasture-raised meats to deliver some tasty recipes and samples of our Signature Blends spices. Over the last few months we have provided some of our tried-and-true recipes for their boxes, and this month decided to up the ante by giving subscribers a taste of our spice blends, too (along with recipes that use the blends).

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Butcher Box is a really cool idea: a subscription box service that brings grass fed beef, organic chicken, and pork to your doorstep every month (two months, or three months). It’s sort of like having a “cow share” that doesn’t require owning a chest freezer (hey… I could probably use that extra space in our garage!) Along with the varying cuts of beef, chicken and pork, they also provide recipes to go along with the cuts. As far as I know, they’re almost exclusively Paleo recipes, too!

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If you’re interested in learning more about Butcher Box, head over to their website to check it out.

(Visit Butcher Box)

*This post contains affiliate links for Butcher Box. If you decide to buy, you won’t be charged more, but Primal Palate will receive a small portion of the sale.


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