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It seems that most of us have a love/hate relationship with that little ‘cup of joe’ in the morning. Many of us give it up several times over only to have it return into the daily routine not too long after. Caffeine is addictive, and I know for some people the idea of giving up coffee is just as intimidating as giving up sugar or even grains.

Bill and I fortunately don’t have this sort of attachment to coffee. We really enjoy the flavor, and usually purchase swiss water processed decaffeinated coffee just to enjoy the flavor without all of the usual side effects. Neither of us react well to caffeine. I had a pretty significant anxiety disorder growing up, and although I do not have “panic attacks” anymore, I do think I am often in a constant state of anxiety that I am not even aware of anymore. Needless to say, I’d prefer not to have caffeine, because it just causes my anxiety to brew, and I am left feeling not good at all. Bill has also stated that caffeine makes his heart skip beats (well, it actually pauses momentarily – when it resumes, I have the sensation of it fluttering. It freaks me out, even though the doctors have said it’s nothing to worry about – Bill), so in a nutshell, as much as we love the flavor of regular old coffee, the side effects are just not worth it to us.

That is what brought us to Bulletproof Coffee. When Diane was visiting us (another coffee lover who experiences bad side effects from coffee), she mentioned this “Bulletproof Coffee.” She told us that it is supposed to be a really clean bean that didn’t leave you feeling jittery or anxious. Could this be true? Could people really have their coffee and drink it too? We had to try it. When we received our coffee in the mail we were surprised to read the instructions on how to properly enjoy this coffee. “Drink it black or blend it with unsalted grass fed butter”. This must be some good coffee. The butter idea didn’t seem too far fetched to us since we usually use grass fed heavy cream in our coffee, so we figured a little Kerrygold would be just as amazing.

We each whipped up our own cup of coffee in our Blendtec and drank up. We each felt a bit more alert, and did get that “caffeine high”, but to our surprise, we did not experience any anxiety, jitters, headaches, or energy crashes. Once the buzz wore off  we were back to our normal selves. It was amazing! Bulletproof Coffee will definitely be our choice of java from now on.

For more information on the benefits of Bulletproof Coffee, and to grab a bag of your own visit: http://www.bulletproofexec.com/coffee/

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    1. February 17, 2012

      Cool! My husband and I only drink high-quality beans, as well. Fortunately, we live down the street from an organic roaster (Kean Coffee), and get our beans a day or two after they are roasted. I guess when beans from Starbucks and the like sit for long periods of time in their packaging, the oils begin to oxidize and turn rancid… or the bean is over-roasted and which causes it to go bad too. This is what our coffee-expert friend (who is in the industry) says likely causes the jittery feelings and stomach pains. I used to drink Starbucks everyday and their coffee made me feel awful, and when I made the switch, all the symptoms stopped. Again, a quality issue.

    2. February 17, 2012

      Good work, guys!

      The Mongols would often float some "butter" in their hot drinks. I say butter, which would be yak butter. Fat and coffee works well, which is why cream works so well. Emulsifying fat into a good coffer is superb! Good call!

    3. February 17, 2012

      I'll have to pick up this coffee for my husband, thanks! Two questions that I wasn't sure where to post, hopefully you will receive this….I just purchased your Food Lovers Cookbook and love it, I would like to make the banana bread but it says to microwave the dates (which I would rather not) and having not used dates before to bake I'm wondering what my options are – stovetop or oven? Please let me know, your banana bread recipe and photo look amazing!! Also, one more question…what is the difference between a Blendtec (which I see that you use) and a Vitamix (which I hear about all the time)??

    4. February 18, 2012

      I'm a major fan of heavy cream in coffee, but I have to admit that butter doesn't sound good. What does it taste like?

    5. February 18, 2012

      Hi Martha-
      It's basically the same taste. Butter is just cream that has been churned more, so the difference is very minor, flavor-wise. You can stick with heavy cream if that's your preference 😉

    6. February 18, 2012

      Hi Martha-
      It's basically the same taste. Butter is just cream that has been churned more, so the difference is very minor, flavor-wise. You can stick with heavy cream if that's your preference 😉

    7. February 18, 2012

      Do you eat a regular breakfast with Bulletproof coffee?

    8. February 18, 2012

      Yep, typically eggs, sautéed Brussels sprouts, some bacon, and whatever else looks appealing in our fridge.

    9. February 21, 2012

      I love coffee! Switched to high quality decaf years ago, since I literally shake all over from caffeine. One thing I love is cold brewed coffee; let ground coffee sit for about 24 hours in cold water, strain off the grounds store in frig, and then add about half a cup of the cold brew to same of water, or to whatever strength one likes, heat or drink as iced coffee. The flavor is very smooth. The cold brew seems to keep the acid content down which can help some with lower GI issues. I just like that it is handy to have on hand for days I don't want to brew a pot.
      Will have to give this Bulletproof coffee a try.

    10. February 21, 2012

      This looks amazing; I actually quit coffee for the new year, and since have only had a sip of my girlfriend's trial at Costco. I found that I was drinking the coffee out of habit rather than need, and I actually prefer the taste of tea. I might have to try this soon. Thanks for the heads up!

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