Braised Brisket

This recipe for brisket is another family favorite, originally crafted by my (Hayley) Grandy Kyp. Remember Grandy Kyp’s Chicken Soup, and our Roast Leg of Lamb? Grandy Kyp is known for her flavorful cooking, with minimal ingredients (maybe that’s where I get it from?), and this recipe for brisket is a perfect example of that!
For our reinvention of this tasty dish a la Grandy Kyp, we added a slight twist of our own, like we always do. For this recipe we also got to break in one of our new fabulous kitchen toys, our Le Creuset 5 quart braiser. This braiser is fantastic on the stove top or in the oven, and was THE perfect cooking dish to use to make this fabulous steak.
Not only were we excited to break in our new Le Creuset with some utterly tasty comfort food on a chilly Pittsburgh afternoon, but we also got to share it with one of our very best Paleo superstar friends, Diane Sanfilippo author of Balanced Bites (If you haven’t checked out her site, please do so now. She really knows it all!). I think the way to Dianes heart is really through her stomach, because I’m pretty sure she loved us even more after we fed her brisket.
The brisket was a smash hit. The perfect meal after a grueling workout of overhead squats and barbell lunges at CrossFit. Diane and I were starved when we got back, and Bill was waiting for us, camera in hand, ready to photograph the brisket so we could eat it all up!


  • 2 lb beef brisket
  • 1 can Muir Glen Organic (no salt) tomato sauce
  • 1 onion, chopped
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  • Dried basil and oregano, to taste


  1. Preheat oven to 350.
  2. Cover the bottom of a braising pan with chopped onion.
  3. Place brisket over the onion.
  4. Sprinkle the brisket on either side generously with salt, pepper, dried basil, and dried oregano.
  5. Place brisket in the oven for 1 hour, uncovered.
  6. Remove brisket from oven, and reduce oven temp to 325 degrees.
  7. Pour tomato sauce over brisket, and sprinkle again with salt, pepper, basil and oregano.
  8. Cover braising pan with a lid, and cook for a remaining 4 hours at 325 degrees.
As always, enjoy!

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    1. January 18, 2012

      Would this work in a slow cooker? I don't have any of those fancy alternatives y'all mentioned! LOL

    2. odile
      March 16, 2012

      Unfortunately this one did not work out so well for me. I used a dutch oven instead of a braising pan, so maybe that contributed. Everything ended up very dry or practically burnt on the bottom of the pan. I think it just needed more moisture – bouillon? water? It was a small (14oz) can on sauce right? I’d love to try it again sometime but with more liquid at the bottom.

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