Tropical Traditions Green Label Coconut Oil Review

We recently had the opportunity to try some of Tropical Traditions Green Label Virgin coconut oil. We have loved every product that we have tried from Tropical Traditions, so we were really eager to try out their coconut oil.
Coconut oil is our staple cooking fat in our home. Coconut oil does not have an overpowering coconut flavor, so it is really ideal for all cooking. The slight hint of coconut flavor adds even more dimension to the dishes we create. Coconut oil is a saturated fat, and solid at room temperature. It is great for cooking in that it does not become damaged at higher temperatures. Coconut oil also offers many health benefits, to start it is one fat burning machine. It is also has amazing anti-viral properties, which will help keep illness away as well as clear up skin conditions. I personally use coconut oil not only for cooking, but also for home body care as well. Dry lips, deep conditioning hair treatment, face wash, and makeup remover. It is also fantastic for men to use to shave their faces (ladies you can use it as well for shaving).
Bill and I have quickly become pretty dependent on this power food, so having a good quality (and bulk size) coconut oil available to us is very important. When purchasing coconut oil, you always want to make sure you are buying organic unrefined virgin coconut oil. A refined coconut oil is highly processed, does not offer health benefits, and smells like vasoline (yuck). We were very grateful to find a coconut oil from Tropical Traditions that we really enjoyed. We knew we would be getting a prime product from TT, and not to mention they always have specials running on their products. We use several different coconut products for many recipes, and it is great to find such high quality products all from one source.
We will definitely be ordering more of the green label coconut oil from Tropical Traditions. We love their products, and only use their coconut flour. We highly recommend this company, not only for their great products, but also for their wonderful customer service. Below are links to the same products used in our book Make it Paleo. Click the link, and enjoy!
Recipes: 99% of Make it Paleo uses virgin coconut oil in the recipes. There are literally too many to list from a book with 215 recipes.
Other uses: Face wash, makeup remover, shaving cream, deep conditioning hair treatment, dry lips, acne treatment.
Recipes: Coconut Fudge, Coconut Butter Blondies.
Other uses: Great in curries, delicious over berries, great to dip carrots or celery into for a quick snack, also great in smoothies.

Recipes: We use coconut flour for all our cake recipes, including cupcakes. We also use coconut flour for our banana bread, as well as in our carrot souffle, and grain free pancakes and waffles.

Recipes: Coconut Nested Eggs, Coconut Macaroons, Coconut Cream Cheese Frosting, Coconut Cake, Grain free granola.
Other Uses: Shredded coconut is delicious thrown into a home made trail mix, or mixed into any dessert.
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    1. October 15, 2011

      I have used Tropical Traditions for ages, I really like it. Got one tub of the green label and another white — one has less of a coconut flavor than the other (can't remember which is which right now). We even feed some to our dogs to maintain a shiny coat and help with our one dog's digestive problems.

    2. October 16, 2011

      The stuff comes in as large as 1-gallon buckets–check your health food store for details. I've heard rumors of a 5-gal. bucket, but can't seem to track one down.

    3. October 17, 2011

      Gah, that cake & cupcake looks incredible!! I can't wait for my copy to get here!!!

    4. February 20, 2012

      Ive always bought the Gold Label. Is there a difference in the Green and the Gold Label?

    5. February 20, 2012

      Check out the Tropical Traditions website for the 5-gallon bucket.

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