The Food Lovers Dish It – Episode 3 – Featuring Cave Girl Eats

Welcome to The Food Lovers Dish It Episode 3 featuring Cave Girl Eats! We were very anxious to get Cave Girl Eats on the line for this podcast. She has a very adventurous blog, where she has openly shared her experiences in home “paleo body care”. She had wonderful insight into the Paleo lifestyle, and fed us with some great food for thought. This was the first, but not the last time we talk with Cave Girl Eats.


0:00 – Welcome

1:00 – How did you get into Paleo?

2:24 – Staying Paleo while traveling

4:10 – Who is the Cave Girl, anyway?

6:10 – What is it like working with Steve’s Club and PaleoKits?

9:50 – Technical issues as usual

12:30 – How long have you been CrossFitting?

13:30 – Hot yoga and Pilates

17:30 – Tipsy, the goat

19:50 – Liz studying with Nutritional Therapy Association

21:40 – Paleo and hunger awareness

24:00 – the “Stank Rank” and homemade deodorant

31:15 – “no ‘poo” and other natural beauty products

36:10 – Makeup and your skin

40:51 – High Fructose Corn Syrup vs. sugar, and other things in the media that are annoying to us

48:30 – Whats your favorite paleo meal?

Links we talk about:

Cave Girl Eats

Bootcamp Fitness Kansas City

Crossfit Tribe

Steve’s Club


Physique Rx’d

Crossfit Confluence

Nutritional Therapy Association

Life as a Plate

Simple Sugars

Jane Iredale – the skin care makeup

Cosmetics Database

Mat Lalonde video (free preview, at least)

Primal Palate Spice Blends

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    1. March 13, 2011

      Great podcast! I love listening to these!

      On the topic of natural deodorants – I tried a few different kinds a few years ago, and they just did NOT work for me. This is one thing that I would love to switch to, but I hate the idea of throwing my money down the drain, buying products that just don't work! Hayley, you said you found one that works well – would you mind sharing what that is? I know everyone's different, and what works for you might not work for me . . . but I'm willing to try anything!

      Thanks 🙂

    2. March 13, 2011

      This was so fun to listen to! Liz is a total class act and thanks for the shout out. I'm working on getting my post together for it, too!

    3. March 13, 2011

      @ AndreAnna –
      Glad you enjoyed it! No problem on the shout out – it's great what you and Liz have been collaborating on. Let us know when your post is up, and we'll help spread the word!

      @Karmen –
      Hayley uses Arm & Hammer "Essentials" Natural Deodorant. Most grocery stores carry it. Just be careful to read the label, because one of the A&H; ones is not aluminum and parabin-free. You want the one that contains neither.
      You're welcome!

    4. March 14, 2011

      Thanks! Re-reading my question and your answer, it feels weird to be asking a personal question about what kind of deodorant someone uses . . . ah well! I'll be sure to ask some food questions to balance it out in the future!

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