Pecan Pie Bites

Bill and I are huge lovers of raw foods. Raw vegetables, raw fruits, raw nuts, raw fish…you know, sushi! About a year ago I borrowed the Raw Food Detox Diet from a cousin of mine, and although a lot of the meals are not something that would be on ‘The Food Lovers’ menu (lots of grains and no meat), the book offers a good deal of primal friendly dessert options, all of which are raw foods!

There was one in particular that I knew Bill would be drooling over, mini “pecan pies”, which were simply-a pecan stuffed inside a medjool date. Last week, Bill and I did some bulk food shopping at Sams club (a great way for us to stock up on staple items like frozen meats and fish, omega 3 eggs, and organic vegetables). While we were there, I spotted a large container of medjool dates. I grabbed the dates and threw them in the cart. Bill grabbed a bag of raw pecans and we were off to try the tasty snack/dessert option.

We got home and I told Bill to remove the pit of the date, stuff the space where the pit was with a raw pecan, and enjoy the sweet flavors of pecan pie. He loved it! These little healthy treats do taste just like pecan pie, and couldn’t be more simple to make!


  • Medjool dates
  • Raw pecans


  1. Cut date in half and remove pit.
  2. Stuff with a raw pecan.
  3. Enjoy!

This snack is a great finger food treat for house parties, and is also a great idea for a thanksgiving dessert option. It’s worth noting that dates are high in sugar and carbs, so this should be just a light snack or dessert to enjoy in moderation. They are definitely a better option than having a slice of real pecan pie, and trust us, you won’t miss the real thing after tasting these! As always, enjoy!

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    1. October 24, 2010

      My husband and I went to Cancun on vacation last year and I made up a bunch of these to take as snacks…One day while lounging at the pool at our resort my snack bag got left in the sun for a bit too long…when I dug into the bowl housing these tasty treats the dates had softened to a literal "pecan pie" filling consistency and OH MY…were they tasty. I have since tried to recreate the magic and a glass bowl in a sunny window sill for about an hour does the trick…along with a spoon! I don't imagine they are heating up above 115 so still a raw treat!

    2. October 24, 2010

      Hi Andrea!

      This sounds a bit like a gooey version of a Larabar! The taste combination, as you know, is decadent – whether warm or not. A warm pecan pie "filling" like you talk about might be a great taste to bring to the Thanksgiving table. Yum!

      -Hayley & Bill

    3. December 29, 2010

      I made these for the 1st time for Christmas. They were a HIT! Sitting here having some again. Feels so indulgent, but totally healthy! My new favorite contribution for holiday parties! 😀

    4. April 29, 2011

      I was craving a sweet snack and I was pleasantly surprpised that these ARE like pecan pie, but nowhere near as sweet. I love your idea! I put 2 pecans in each of mine for extra crunch. Thanks 🙂

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