Paleokits – A Review and a Giveaway

For longtime readers of our blog and fans of our facebook page, you know that we are no strangers to Paleokits, or to the amazing people that make them. We had the great pleasure of meeting Steve Liberati himself a few weeks ago during a trip to Philadelphia to promote our book, Make it Paleo. We got to work out at his box, Crossfit Tribe, and then walk to the other side of the building and raid Paleokits headquarters. It was awesome! Of course, this was not our first experience with Paleokits – not by a long shot. We first got to try these tasty snacks in early 2011, and have gotten our hands on them a few times since then. They are fantastic to have on their own, but even better when you’re in a pinch and need good, clean food when options are few. We especially like having these in our bag when we travel.


Raiding the Paleokits warehouse at Steve’s Original HQ
When Steve asked if we’d like to review his products, we (of course) were happy to accept. We have been fans for a long time, yet this was a chance for us to dig in and try some of the things we had not yet gotten our hands on. Here are some of the things that were in our care package from Steve (we literally got to try almost everything!):
Honestly, if there is a drawback to Paleokits – it’s that we will often grab them to munch on preferentially over a meal. But thats not a bad thing for Steve – it’s just tough to keep them around for when they’re needed. We’re planning on sending some of these to Hayley’s sister, Caitlin, who is currently living in the Dominican Republic and teaching English. She’s going to be so pumped when she reads this! 🙂 Thank you Steve for having us review all these wonderful products!
If you’re interested in trying Steve’s products, he has been so generous as to offer a discount code to our readers! Visit his site, and during the checkout, use code
for a 10% discount!

So are you guys ready for the giveaway? Check it out:
Steve’s Original is offering up a sampler pack to one lucky entrant! All you have to do is visit this link and share the contest. Your job will be to get as many friends as possible to like our fan page. The person who recruits the most fans for us will win this sampler pack:
Contest starts at 9:00 pm EST on November 30th, and ends December 7th at 9:00pm EST. Remember, you MUST use the facebook tab to share the contest and recruit friends. This is the only method that is tracked automatically. Good luck!
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