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Remember back in March when we made the trip to Austin for a week of shenanigans for Paleo F(x)? We spent five days galavanting around Austin with our blog buddies, taking photos, crossfitting, eating ice cream, and even occasionally attending portions of the conference. 😉 We’re joking about that last part. The conference was a great experience that furthered our own education about a broad spectrum of ancestral wellness topics. We even had a few a-ha moments of our own, connecting topics that Chris Kresser and Nora Gedgaudas spoke about to our own personal journeys to optimal health. Frankly, we wish we could have seen more of the conference – but with 2-3 talks and presentations running simultaneously, it was just impossible. There were even presentations going on during our own cooking demo and panel discussions that we wish we could have seen!

Fret not. If you missed Paleo F(x) this year, you still have a chance to catch the presentations – all of them – for a fraction of the price most folks spent going to Austin!  The Paleo F(x) event organizers hired a professional videography crew to capture the whole event for you. Now you can see everything that everyone said in crystal clear, high definition video. You’ll hear every word, see every reaction, and even be able to pause it to go make some more kale chips (or bacon). That means you get to see Robb Wolf, Chris Kresser, Jack Kruse, Nora Gedgaudas, and even US present at the symposium! It was an incredible experience, filled with information, which is now available to you!

Check out this preview, if you’re not convinced you need this video:

As a bonus, by ordering through the affiliate link below, you’re helping to directly support future improvements to this website!

 See all of Paleo F(x) & also help us keep raising funds to make this site better. It’s a win-win!

Order now: http://paleofx.myshopify.com/?ref=<hayley_bill>

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