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Bill and I had the pleasure of getting to meet Julie and Charles Mayfield in Los Angeles at the Ancestral Health Symposium. We spent the two day symposium chatting here and there with them, and also got to enjoy their company at our big dinner out at Jar.
Upon walking into the symposium, we picked up our name tags, and immediately flocked to the large group of bloggers whom we were most looking forward to meeting. Julie and Charles greeted us with a very warm hello, and I am apologizing to Charles now for him having bend down so far to shake my hand. Sorry Charles.
Over the weekend, every time Charles joined a conversation, I feel like I was laughing before he even started speaking. Charles has a great sense of humor, and can definitely bring light to any situation, and is also very kind, considerate, and complimentary of others. We did not get a chance to speak with Julie as much as we would have liked, but the times we did she was just as kind, warm, and a pleasure to be around. We each got big hugs goodbye from Julie and Charles, which really touched our hearts – it felt as if we had known each other much longer. I think that warmth and familiarity is something that comes across in their book: comfort food is so much more than nourishment. It is about tradition, celebration, and taking pause to truly appreciate food.
We were very excited to get our hands on Julie and Charles’ new book, Paleo Comfort Foods. Bill and I really don’t have experience with southern cooking; this is new territory to us, so we were really looking forward to checking out a book that was all gluten free southern cooking – score! We can truly appreciate all the time and effort that the Mayfields put into this book, because, well, we just went through the same process.
We are so happy for Julie and Charles, they did a wonderful job with their book, and they should be very proud. Receiving Paleo Comfort Foods in the mail really made us anxious and excited to receive our own book one day soon! You can never have too many amazing paleo recipes to choose from, so go order both now!
Congratulations Julie and Charles! Oh, and thanks for the delicious roasted okra recipe. This was our first time trying okra, and it was great!
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