New Year Announcements!

3H5A1420Hello friends and followers! We wanted to update you all on a few things to come with the new year. First and foremost, we have added an email subscription
to our blog. We will be sending out a monthly email which will include the following:

  • A recap of the month
  • Links to interesting articles
  • Links to other food / primal blogs we enjoy
  • Printable recipe cards of the quick, simple meals that we’ve posted to Facebook.
  • Insider information on things to come in the next month
  • And much, much more… Okay, maybe not that much – but we might throw some other cool stuff in there too.

We received a few emails from followers who choose not to be on Facebook, and requested that we still offer these smaller recipes on the blog. We felt that the best option would be to include these quick meals in the monthly newsletter. Sign up here!

Our second bit of exciting news is that we will be starting to do videos in the next couple of weeks. We are really looking forward to creating some interesting recipe videos. We think they are going to be a great addition to the site, and will be a great way to show more of the technique behind some of the cooking we do. We will be focusing on some of the less common elements and recipes. They will be unique videos… not like other videos you’ve seen. Stay tuned for that one!


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    1. January 12, 2011

      Can't wait for the videos!


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