Make It Paleo Book Tour. First Stop: Philadelphia

We had the most amazing experience this past weekend visiting two awesome CrossFit Affiliates in Philly. Bill and I have gotten some wonderful support from many CrossFit gyms around the country, and we decided that we really wanted to make an effort to stop by some of these gyms, personally meet and thank their members, and sign some books for those interested. Philadelphia seemed like a natural choice for a first stop on our book tour, as it’s just a few hours drive across the state.
Our first stop was to CrossFit Center City in the heart of Philly. They were doing a Halloween Celebration WOD (“Fall Ball”) and Paleo Potlock, and we were so thrilled that we could be a part of their special evening! Everyone at CrossFit Center City was absolutely wonderful, as well as extremely complimentary and supportive of our new book. Unfortunately I was not feeling my best, so I manned the camera while Bill participated in the group WOD. We really enjoyed our time with Erin and the crew at CrossFit Center City and we cannot wait to come back for a visit! Everyone was incredibly friendly and welcoming (and FUN) – it was a memorable evening to say the least!
The next morning we headed across the border to Camden, New Jersey to CrossFit Tribe, which is also the home of Steve’s Original Paleo Kits. Steve Liberati is the owner of CrossFit Tribe as well as the founder of Paleo Kits. For those that don’t know about Paleo Kits and Steve’s Club: 15% of proceeds from the Steve’s Original products go to the Steve’s Club Nation Program to help ‘at risk’ youth across the country. Steve is doing some amazing things, and is truly an inspiration to us. As expected, Steve was an absolute pleasure to be around. He welcomed us with open arms into his office and gym, and after a grueling workout of running and over head squats (“Nancy”), we got to raid PaleoKit headquarters. It was seriously like being kids in a candy shop…except better because there were wall to wall boxes of grassfed BEEF!
We are always happy when we can travel with Paleo kits. They are the perfect snack when cooking is not an option, and you’re sticking to a paleo diet. Steve is extremely particular with the ingredients that go into his products, and the flavor of everything is absolutely amazing. We have so much respect for Steve and what he is doing, and we cannot wait to head back his way to spend some more time with him.
Last but not least, we were fortunate to train with one of our very good friends, Liz (Cave Girl Eats) and her studly ‘Cave Husband’ while at CrossFit Tribe. Liz is the nutrition advisor for Steve’s Original, and if you haven’t checked out her nutrition articles on Steve’s website then you are truly missing out. Don’t forget to stop by her blog as well, as she always has something wonderful to say that will not only enlighten you but make you laugh so hard that you will walk away from the computer with better abs than when you sat down.
Though we were only there for 30 hours, leaving Philly was quite bittersweet. We were happy to be headed home since we were tired *and very sore* from our WODs, but we were sincerely sad to be leaving the new friends we made during our visit. We really enjoyed our time at both CFCC and CF Tribe – we wholeheartedly recommend both gyms, as we would certainly train at either of them ourselves, were it not for the 5 hour drive.
We cannot thank CrossFit Center City, or CrossFit Tribe enough for having us join their gyms for a day. We are really looking forward to coming back for another visit!
Hayley & Bill
If you’d like us to come visit your CrossFit for a WOD & Book Signing, send us an email ([email protected])
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    1. November 8, 2011

      Thanks for sharing some pics & video from Philly! We really wanted to come but were out of town! Looks like you guys had a great time!!

    2. November 9, 2011

      Just found you site. Glad I did. I've recently lost 28 pounds and much of my eating philosophy is paleo. Looking forward to checking out your recipes.

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