LAST CHANCE for Bagels in 2015

bagel recipe

Today (4/15/15) is your last chance for this amazing Bagel recipe.

(it’s also your last chance to file your 2014 taxes. You remembered to do that, right?)

Hayley and I are huge fans of Simone and Jen’s bagel recipe in the Yiddish Kitchen eBook. Recently they announced that they would make the eBook into a hard copy book! But between now (midnight tonight) and the publish date (which is the spring of 2016), the eBook will be pulled off the market.

Which means no more bagels.

Unless you have the recipe, of course. To get the recipe, you need their eBook. Which will not be available after today!

And then you can have all the bagels you want between now and then! This eBook has so many more great recipes in it, but honestly, the bagel recipe alone is worth purchasing the eBook. We basically consider the rest of the recipes to be bonus recipes.

We took the “Everything Bagel” recipe in the book and just changed around the elements to make them ‘sea salt and poppy seed’ bagels instead of covered with onions. We followed the rest of the recipe exactly as written.

Paleo Grain-free Bagels-3

Even though this is the only recipe we’ve tried from Yiddish Kitchen, it’s not a stretch to say that this recipe alone is worth the price of admission for the eBook. eBooks are such a convenient format, especially since our book shelves are bowing under the weight of several dozen cookbooks these days.

-Legit. Look at those little air bubbles!-

We are super excited for this book, but until then, this is officially your LAST CHANCE to get this awesome recipe.

If you’re a bagel lover, definitely consider getting a copy of Yiddish Kitchen. (Your purchase through our affiliate link also supports Primal Palate, so thanks in advance!)



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    1. lorijean14
      April 16, 2015

      i can’t believe I missed this by a day. Sooooo sad.

    2. lorijean14
      April 16, 2015

      I can’t believe I missed this by a day. BoooWhooooo… A day late and a bagel short. 🙁

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