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Hello Friends,

We have an exciting announcement today! We are now part of a new recipe sharing platform we helped create, called FoodSocial.


FoodSocial is an amazing social platform for discovering, meal planning and shopping your favorite recipes. We’ve been dreaming of the day when a social media platform made it easy for recipe creators and brands (like ourselves) to share their recipes and products in a more useful, meaningful and cohesive way.


Recipes can do SO MUCH when you frame them with the right tools, and that’s exactly what FoodSocial does!



FoodSocial makes it super easy to find YOUR healthy, whether it’s Paleo or Gluten-free recipes, Keto, Vegan, Plant Based, or recipes that fit dietary restrictions you may have. You can filter down to the exact recipes you want, save them, and then create unlimited free meal plans with them. If you’re not feeling like creating meal plans yourself, you can select a meal plan made by a Creator or Brand! It’s easy, convenient, and completely free.


Everything on the platform is one-click-shoppable which means you can quickly and easily get groceries you need for the recipes you want to make. One-click shopping goes through through Amazon and Natura Market (Canada), which makes shopping for recipes and meal plans a snap.


You can find hundreds of healthy recipes on FoodSocial, including our latest and greatest! We couldn’t be more proud to be part of the community of Creators and Brands who are working toward a better place to share recipes, meal plans, and products.


We think you’ll love it too, so go take a look and let us know what you think!

Hope you enjoy FoodSocial as much as we do!
-Bill & Hayley

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