Expressing Gratitude to Our Readers

We feel it’s time to acknowledge some of our faithful followers. We are getting great feedback from fans on Facebook and followers on our blog, saying they have successfully tried our recipes and enjoyed them. As we have said before, we are not trying to convert anyone to a specific way of eating. We are just trying to inspire others to take on their own health and wellness with integrity, and offer some great recipes and information along the way. We, too, are just beginning our own journey of healthy living together, and we’re excited to be sharing the things we learn along the way with you.
We would like to extend a special congratulations to Bill’s mom. She is one of our biggest supporters, and has recently decided to take on eating the way that we do. Having already been a healthy eater, her transition was minimal, but even the small tweaks that she has made to her diet have had a huge impact on the way she feels.  She happily reports that she has more energy throughout the day, no longer has rapid heart beat episodes at night, she sleeps better, her blood pressure has dropped, her skin is clearer, and she’s even dropped a few pounds (though she didn’t need to). We can see the excitement vibrating around her when she eagerly asks us for more information, ideas for a recipe, or asks when we will have a new post up. Big congratulations to Bill’s mom, and of course thank you for all the support. We are so happy to have contributed to your life in this way!
It’s very rewarding to see that we have made an impact on someone else’s life, however big or small that impact might be. Thank you to all of our readers and supporters!

-Hayley and Bill

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