Crock Pot Lemon Pepper Chicken

Today is the first day of the 21 Day Sugar Detox! I think we are all a bit excited and nervous at the thought of going three weeks without an ounce of something sweet, but the prospect of saying so long to some nagging sugar cravings as well as melting off some unwanted body fat that came along with the Holidays this year is what is really keeping us all going. Bill and I definitely have some goals that we hope to reach during this detox, and we would be lying if we said a lot of them weren’t aesthetic goals. I mean come on, it’s the new year. Everyone wants to look hot!

For our first recipe of inspiration, we are serving up a tasty crock pot chicken. The crock pot is our go-to method of cooking when we want to cook something super yummy, but don’t have time to babysit it. We have often put a roast in to slow cook over night and it’s ready for us in the morning, or we have put in a roast early in the morning and it’s ready for dinner. For those of you who have busy working schedules, we highly recommend purchasing a crock pot if you do not own one already. These are pretty inexpensive. Our favorite one is a 7 qt model that we got at Walmart for $19. Can’t beat that! We also use the crock pot to make big batches of bone broth. It really is important for Paleo cooking.

For this recipe we decided to throw an entire chicken into the crock pot and see what came out! The end result was fall off the bone chicken that was tasty, but not too photo worthy (win some/lose some  I guess). Cooking a whole chicken in the crock pot is a great way to make shredded chicken for chicken salad, so be sure to whip up some Macadamia Nut Mayo for the remaining chicken from this recipe!


  • 1 pastured chicken
  • 1 lemon
  • 1 fist of garlic
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  • 1 tablespoon of fresh sage, minced
  1. Rinse chicken under cool water and pat dry.
  2. Season chicken with salt and pepper, including the body cavity.
  3. Prick lemon with a fork all over.
  4. Place fist of garlic inside the body cavity followed by the lemon.
  5. Sprinkle chicken with fresh sage.
  6. Cook in a crock pot on low for 8 hours.

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    1. January 2, 2012

      My sugar detox starts tomorrow! I am excited and a little nervous. I know that planning all my meals will be key in making it through the month.
      Thank you for this recipe- I have already added it to my meal plan for the week!

    2. January 3, 2012

      Rock pot chicken! SUCH an easy way to get dinner on the table đŸ™‚
      If you have the time and inclination, you can cook your bird most of the way in the slow cooker then finish in the oven for crispy skin.

    3. January 4, 2012

      How much water did you add to the crock pot, if any? Thanks

    4. January 8, 2012

      looks delicious! cant wait to try it, ive been looking for ways to spice up my typical crock pot chicken. did you add lemon zest to the outside of the chicken? it looks like theres some yellow stuff on the outside of the chicken.

    5. January 8, 2012

      Are you supposed to peel the garlic first or place the unpeeled fist in the chicken?

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