Ancestral Health Symposium 2011

After announcing our cookbook, Make It Paleo, last week, we took off to spend some quality time in Los Angeles for the first ever Ancestral Health Symposium. The weeks leading up to the symposium were extremely exciting for us. There are several other amazing paleo bloggers who we have really connected with over this past year, and we were anxious to meet them in person. Besides looking forward to getting to spend time with our new friends, we were also very excited to have to have the opportunity to promote our new book.
The symposium was truly an amazing event. The two days spent at UCLA were some of the most emotionally exhausting days we have ever experienced. We got to meet all of the paleo super stars whom we admire, as well as all of our amazing paleo blogger friends, all while trying to soak in as much knowledge of this lifestyle as we could. By Saturday evening our brains were saturated with information, and our hearts were overflowing with love for our new friends. It was the experience of a lifetime, and we were able to share it with people whom we feel will be a significant part of our lives for years to come.
We really felt at home this week. We were in an atmosphere completely in line with who we are as people, and everything seemed to fall into place effortlessly. We firmly believe that you can have, do, and be whatever you want to be, and that every thought (good or bad) manifests into your reality. Well, this past week was living, breathing proof that what you want will show up, quickly, if you allow it to. Even better, you may be pleasantly surprised with more than what you asked for!
We feel as though we couldn’t possibly recap all the information presented at the Symposium and truly do it justice, but a few of our good friends did an outstanding job, and you can see those posts here, here, and here. We were able to get some creative video clips of some of the highlights of the weekend to give you a little look into our world. We want you to feel as though you were there with us. Fortunately, all the speakers were filmed professionally, so there will be full documentation of the event available for viewing soon (we’ve heard).

We truly enjoyed our time in Los Angeles, and it won’t be long before we’re back in sunny SoCal! If you missed the event (which is possible, considering it sold out many months ago), here are some photos from the weekend, as well as a video from our experience at AHS. Thank you to all of our wonderful, supportive friends. We enjoyed every moment spent together this weekend, and we will miss you all desperately until we meet again.

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