5 questions with Diane Sanfilippo of Balanced Bites

A few weeks ago, as many of you know, we attended the first-ever Ancestral Health Symposium out at UCLA in Los Angeles. (Sidebar: word on the street is that the next one will be held at Harvard!) During our amazing week in LA, we got to meet all sorts of people: Mark Sisson, Robb Wolf, Jimmy Moore, Nom Nom Paleo & Fitbomb…. the list really goes on. It seems like we met 90% of the paleo blogging community in the course of two days. It was awesome! It was kind of like being at summer camp, and all of our blogging buddies where there to share in the campfires, grass-fed steaks, huge amounts of beef jerky, and barefoot antics.

One of the many people we had the great pleasure of connecting with was Diane Sanfilippo who writes the incredibly popular blog, Balanced Bites. Her website is easily one of the most well-read nutritionally oriented blogs in our little part of the world, and is an absolute wealth of information. Believe me, when we’re stumped about something ourselves (which happens at times), she’s one of the people we reach out to. If you haven’t checked out her blog – definitely head over and read til you can’t keep your eyes open anymore. Then read it some more!

Recently, we had the great pleasure of sitting down with Diane (well, via email at least) to answer some questions about our soon-to-be-released cookbook, Make it Paleo. The questions and answers are a little off the beaten path, and may surprise you. If you want the inside scoop, pay her blog a visit and see what we said about the book. Then stick around for all the other good stuff she’s got (there’s a LOT, so put on some water for tea and cozy up on the couch). We’re so happy to call Diane one of our ‘real’ friends, and are excited to share our book with her crowd.
Okay, if you’re still here – what are you waiting for!? Click here to see the interview
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