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Stacy and Matthew have lost over 200lbs, as well as increased their own health and that of their 3 young boys, through practical application of eating and living the Paleo or Ancestral lifestyle. She works full time and he's a SAHD to their boys. Follow their blog on their website (PaleoParents.com), Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube or Facebook page for tips & tricks on how to help your family obtain optimal health. Part of their journey has led them to an appreciation for the environmental and health benefits of sustainably raised, pastured animals. Their second book, Beyond Bacon, is a love letter to pork and intends to show you exactly how they cook every cut of the whole hog (buy it here: http://is.gd/BeyondBacon). Stacy and Matt also authored, Eat Like a Dinosaur, a bestselling allergen-friendly paleo cookbook (buy it here: http://is.gd/EatLikeaDino).

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