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Kacie is a health and functional nutrition enthusiast and founder of Human Resources Wellness. After a series of health challenges in her twenties which left her fed up with the Western medical system, she turned to food as medicine and was astounded at the shifts and healing that she discovered. It was through this experience that she found her true calling: to help others through nutrition, natural medicine and holistic healing. The Human Resources philosophy is firmly grounded in the importance of a healthy digestive system as the key to reaching overall immune, cognitive, psychological and physical health. Rather than subscribing to food dogma, Kacie is guided by science, bioavailability of nutrients, bodily intuition and therapeutic applications of healing modalities- all within the framework of eating real food with a heavy dose of vegetables. Kacie will graduate as a certified Holistic Nutrition Practitioner from Bauman College in February with a Human Resources retail snack bar in Los Angeles on the way in the Spring of 2016.

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