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Hello! My name is Macy, I’m 16 years old and love to be in the kitchen! Ever since I was little I have enjoyed cooking and baking with my mom, who is a phenomenal chef. She has and continues to teach me so much! This past year I have been dealing with a couple different health issues, including gastroparesis, gastritis, colitis, reynauds, and a few mild food allergies/sensitivities. Gastroparesis has been the most frustrating out of them all because it means extreme fullness, lack of appetite, pain and discomfort, and a lovely NG feeding tube. This completely stinks because I love making food and eating it!(especially dessert!:D) I guess you could say I’m a foodie! On my blog you will find many gluten free, grain free, dairy free, refined sugar free, primal, and paleo recipes. And I promise you they will be scrumptious! Through out all this I have learned a lot and will continue to about health and nutrition. I’ve turned to food as my medicine and by doing so found the Paleo lifestyle. As Hippocrates once said ‘ Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food’. As I continue to heal and gain back my appetite I hope to get my NG feeding tube out and live a healthy life free of any diseases and GI issues. I am so excited to start my Paleo journey and I hope you come along for the ride with me!

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