Gather Shopping Lists

Our new cookbook Gather is filled with 17 different menus of varying themes, organized by the seasons. To make cooking and entertaining from Gather easier, we’ve created these free, printable shopping lists for each of the menus in the book! These are 8.5 x 11 in size, and can be printed from any home printer! We want to make cooking from Gather as simple as possible, and these shopping lists are a big time saver!

Read more about Gather here, or watch the trailer below!

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You can print out the shopping lists individually below. Click on each image, then click File>Print.

To download and print all of the menus, scroll to the bottom and click “download pdf”

Gather Shopping ListGather Shopping List2Gather Shopping List3Gather Shopping List4Gather Shopping List5Gather Shopping List6Gather Shopping List7Gather Shopping List8Gather Shopping List9Gather Shopping List10Gather Shopping List11Gather Shopping List12Gather Shopping List13Gather Shopping List14Gather Shopping List15Gather Shopping List16Gather Shopping List17

Gather is in bookstores everywhere, and online – so grab your copy today!

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