Butchering Diagram for Beef, Pork, Poultry and LambWhen purchasing meat and fish, you really want to make sure that you are investing in a quality product. As a part of the grain free lifestyle, you also should make sure that the animal protein you are eating comes from animals that were fed a diet that they were meant to consume. Consuming animals that were raised in appropriate conditions will only contribute to your health, and support the health of our planet.

As a rule of thumb, look to buy organic grass fed meats, wild caught fish, and pasture raised poultry. If available, it is also best to purchase your meat directly from a farmer. This way you will be supporting local farming, and you will be sure of the quality of the product you are buying. When purchasing fish, take into account endangered fish, and avoid purchasing fish that are threatened. Part of making good food choices is knowing what you are buying.

Beef, Bison, Lamb and Pork

Always choose grass fed/pasture raised organic meat when possible. If grain fed is your only option, look for a leaner cut of meat, so not to consume toxic fat stores of grain fed animals. Shop for grass fed, pasture raised Beef, Bison and Pork at US Wellness Meats online.


When choosing poultry, pasture raised is best. This will mean that you are consuming poultry that was allowed to roam freely and feed off of bugs and other insects. Organic, free range chickens are the next best thing to pasture raised if you do not have access to local farm raised chickens. A free range organic chicken is a happy, healthy chicken that will contribute to your health and happiness as well. Shop for pasture raised poultry at US Wellness Meats online.


If you cannot find a local source of pasture eggs, your best option is to enjoy omega 3 enriched eggs.  Pasture eggs come from chickens that feed freely on bugs. Omega 3 enriched eggs come from chickens that are fed a vegetarian diet, but supplemented with flax to increase their omega 3 content. Buy pasture raised, soy-free eggs online at Tropical Traditions.


When choosing seafood, it’s always best to choose wild caught fish. Similar to meats, wild caught fish will be your best option for obtaining a good amount of omega 3 fatty acids naturally from food.  It is also best to choose non-endangered fish that are caught using sustainable and ethical fishing practices. Shop for wild caught seafood at US Wellness Meats online.


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