Fruits and Vegetables

Seasonal Produce ListYou will find a large array of fruits and vegetables in our recipes. We are big fans of growing our own produce, or getting it at a local farmers market when possible. In many parts of the northern hemisphere, that means late April through October. Another way of receiving fresh produce is by participating in a CSA (community supported agriculture) program.


Through a CSA, a farmer sends his or her best crops to a specified drop point near you. This is a great way to support local family farms. In general, it is important to be aware of how your fruits and vegetables are grown. If buying produce directly from a farmer or farmers market is not an option, then look for organic and pesticide-free fruits and vegetables in your local grocery store.


If you have a green thumb and a sunny spot, you can try your hand at growing your own herbs and vegetables. Even if you do not have a yard, it is relatively simple to propagate some basic herbs in a small planter on a sunny window sill. If you have a yard, even better! We like to grow lettuce, beets, broccoli, peppers, and a whole slew of herbs (lemon thyme, thyme, rosemary, basil, oregano and chives to name a few!) There is no better salad than one with fresh veggies from your garden. To complete the circle of sustainable gardening, we take non-meat table scraps and compost them in an effort to continually improve the soil. (We’ve included a lot more information about gardening below)


But what if you do not have time to tend to a garden, and there are no farmers markets nearby? Thats okay, because there are often plenty of options in your grocery store. When shopping for fruits and vegetables, it is often better to buy ‘organic’ items, because they will have the least amount of chemicals and pesticides involved in their production.


As a final note, we recommend buying your produce in season. It’ll be cheaper, easier to find, and will taste incredible when freshly picked. Here is a brief list of seasonal vegetables. Although your selection will vary by region, these general guidelines will help you create great dishes year round.


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