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Easy Weeknight Chili Recipe

This past Sunday was the Super Bowl, in case you missed it. I have pretty much zero interest in sports, but I've always liked Super Bowl parties and the fun food that is usually served. You know... wings, chips and dip, pizza... all that good stuff. Meanwhile, in "real life" - we've been work...


Easy Weeknight Chili

This Easy Weeknight Chili is a great comfort food to warm you up on a cold winter night, or a fun dish to serve at a fall football party! Enjoy with organic corn chips, or your favorite Paleo bread!


Sweet '16 Valentine's Day Paleo Recipes

Sunday is Valentine’s Day, and what better way to celebrate than with something sweet! Here are 16 Sweet Valentine’s dessert recipes featured here on Hope you all have a wonderful Valentine’s Day, and get lots of hugs and kisses! xoxo, Hayley and Bill  ...


The Benefits of Meditation

Today is the final post in the 3-part series of guest posts by Kacie! We hope you enjoyed them! Part 1: Brain Health and the Unexpected Gut Connection Part 2: Eating for a Healthy Brain Hayley & Bill Kacie is a health and functional nutrition enthusiast and founder of Hu...


Eating for a Healthy Brain

Today is Part 2 in the three part series of guest posts by Kacie! Enjoy! Hayley & Bill Kacie is a health and functional nutrition enthusiast and founder of Human Resources Wellness. After a series of health challenges in her twenties which left her fed up with the Western me...


Brain Health and the Unexpected Gut Connection

I am so excited for this three part guest post series from my wonderful friend, Kacie. Just about a year ago (oh my...a whole year), when I experienced a terrifying health crisis, Kacie was one of the first people to reach out to me with open arms, and unwavering support. She has been through muc...


Super Bowl 50 Paleo Recipe Roundup

Super Bowl 50 is this Sunday. Even if you haven't watched a single game all year, I'm sure most of you are making plans for this one. And why not? Food, commercials, company, football, and the super half-time show; who could possibly not find something to enjoy? This recipe roundup has lot'...


Where are they now? Jeanne's Paleo Success Story

I can't believe it's been three years since I first started working with Primal Palate, and two and a half years since I started interviewing Success Stories. I cannot tell you how much this group has inspired me—from a man who lost 200 pounds in a single year, to a high school girl who had suc...


AIP Breakfast Sausage

I love to have sausage on my brunch or breakfast menu. Typically seasoned with paprika and often red pepper flakes or cayenne pepper, breakfast sausage is often off-limits to those who can’t eat nightshades. I created this recipe so that those of you who avoid nightshades (or do the Autoimmune ...


Where are they now? Steve's Paleo Success Story Update

For our second installment in our “Where Are They Now?” series, Kara reconnected with Steve to talk to talk about how things are going for him these days. (Read the original interview here) Steve looks like he's a full blown badass! -Bill    It’s been over two years s...


Egg Salad and Grain-free Bagels

About 16 weeks ago we made bagels from The New Yiddish Kitchen, because I wanted to make egg salad sandwiches for Bill. I know it was 16 weeks ago, because that's when I posted that my egg salad recipe would be on the blog ASAP on Instagram. Yesterday Bill decided that he wanted egg salad on a to...

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