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    Guest Post: Simple Roots Wellness

    Here's a funny thing about the internet. Sometimes when you follow people, you get the sense that you KNOW them. There are many people whom I've never met, yet feel as though I know simply because we e-mail back-and-forth or follow each other on Instagram. Hopefully this isn't coming off as cree...


    Celebrating 1,000 Paleo Recipes - And Counting!

    Last week we hit a major milestone at Primal Palate  - we reached 1,000 recipes on the site! We could not be more grateful (and impressed) by our amazing, growing group of contributors. We have seen almost every recipe imaginable come through our queue. Just when we think "Ok, there really can't...


    Guest Post: Jessi's Kitchen

    Since we launched user-uploaded recipes on Primal Palate, my exposure to other bloggers has grown ten-fold. Jessi from Jessi's Kitchen is one of our Featured Contributors, and the first time she submitted a recipe, all I could think was "Oh my goodness! How have I never heard of this girl bef...


    Blue Smoky Eye Look, Featuring Juli Bauer of PaleOMG

    I know this website is supposed to be about food, but many of you have been asking me for far too long for a makeup tutorial. If you are new here, and don't already know, before blogging Paleo recipes and writing cookbooks, I was a high definition makeup artist. Technically I still am a high defi...


    Henna at Home Tutorial

      Almost two years ago I tried Henna for the first time, after years of coloring my hair with chemical color. I was super nervous to try henna for the first time, so I went to Lush and had them apply the Henna for me. I wrote all about my experience, and also made a video. You can che...


    The Paleo Approach + Plantain Crackers

    The first person who explained the concept of “autoimmune disease” to me was Megan Mcgrane. Megan was the first Paleo success story interview I did that didn’t involve weight loss, but rather switched to a Paleo diet after being diagnosed with her third autoimmune condition. Before her int...


    10 favorite foods you've been missing on Paleo... Until now.

    If you could eat grain for ONE day, what would you have? Pizza? Chocolate brownies? Possibly enter a taco-eating contest? What if you could still enjoy these things, without having to give up Paleo? I'm thoroughly convinced no chef is more creative than a Paleo chef. Who else would think o...


    Paleo for the Masses: You don't need a Whole Foods Market to go Paleo

    Hayley and I have been very, very busy finalizing our new cookbook, Make it Paleo 2, and have also been working on a soon-to-be-announced side project that involves many of your favorite Paleo cooks (so stay tuned for details on that!) Since we've been swamped with "other" work, Kara has been a r...


    Review: Meals Made Simple {Plus a giveaway!}

    I rarely Paleo-bake. Actually, the first few times I tried to make Paleo pancakes or Paleo muffins, it wasn’t edible. Thank goodness I work for two food bloggers, or I would never get my sweet fix on.  But when I was flipping through Danielle Walker’s second book, Meals Made Simple, I could...


    Paleo Teenage Superstars: Part II

    I've interviewed a lot of different people, for a lot of different reasons, for this blog. When Macy of Paleo Crumbs submitted her first recipe to Primal Palate, I wanted to do a story on the four teenage recipe contributors. I thought it would be a cool post, offering a view into how they becam...

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