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Curry Baked Chicken Thighs with Masala Rice

Hi friends! Boy I feel like it's been awhile since we've posted a SUPER SIMPLE recipe, let alone two. Sometimes I think we overlook posting simple recipes, but it seems like people love them. So here we are with a pair of wonderfully easy to make recipes. Combined, they involve about 15-20 mi...


Masala Rice

This recipe is a simple way to elevate the humble rice dish. With some sauteed onion and perfectly balanced Garam Masala, you have a great side dish with no effort. There's a bit of a sweet hint to the rice from the caramelized onion, and the flavor notes of the masala really bring this dish to l...


Curry Baked Chicken Thighs

This recipe couldn't get any easier to make. Baked Chicken Thighs are one of the absolute easiest proteins to make: one I always recommend to folks who are new to Paleo. By just adding one spice, this dish totally transforms.


60 Paleo Christmas Cookie Recipes

(^^ Pin this image for later! ^^) Hello friends, For this week's paleo recipe roundup we have curated 60 naughty and nice Christmas Cookie Recipes from our fabulous contributors. Check out the recipes below and save the ones you like to 'myKitchen' for easy baking planning.   H...


Instant Pot Roast with Gravy - guest post by Pastured Kitchen

Hi guys! Today we have our good friends Sean and Suzanne here with an awesome guest post and recipe. A few months back, Sean texted me a photo of this recipe and told me it used our Meat and Potatoes Seasoning. I instantly said "Please guest post it for our site!" and so here we are! This chec...


Pork and Apple Ravioli

Ravioli isn't a dish that you think you can enjoy anymore, when you switch to a grain free diet, and it's a dish that many of you may be missing. This recipe for Pork and Apple Ravioli is one that my sister, Caitlin developed when we were writing Make it Paleo 2. It is one of the most delicious r...


Pork and Apple Ravioli (from Make It Paleo 2)

We love the convenience of the Cappello's pasta for dishes like this. Not only do their products make us feel like we aren't left out of the pasta party, but they are absolutely delicious as well. You will not miss regular pasta.


Paleo Holiday Gift Guide 2016

The Holidays are upon us... heck, they've been upon us for months now. The bliss of a Thanksgiving food coma will soon be disrupted by Black Friday, and everything being on sale for a precious few days. If you want to take advantage of the best prices of the season, but don't know where to start,...


Thanksgiving Turkey Recipes (and other main dishes)

Hello friends! For this week's Paleo Thanksgiving recipe roundup we are focusing on the star of the table, the Meats & Main dishes. From the classic turkey, to options for non-Turkey eaters, like duck, pork, salmon or beef. Choose any of these recipes from our fabulous contributor collect...


A new Pumpkin Pie Recipe for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is next week! Are you as excited as we are?! This is one holiday where we can use almost every single one of our spice blends. I'm kidding, kind of. But not really ;-)   Pumpkin Pie is a must this time of year, and everyone is going crazy for pumpkin spice. We wanted t...


Classic Pumpkin Pie with a Gingersnap Crust

This recipe is adapted from Alton Brown's ubiquitous Pumpkin Pie. We've made some ingredient substitutions to better fit a Paleo template (like using our homemade Gingersnap Cookies for the crust base). This classic take on Pumpkin Pie is perfect for Thanksgiving, and a great treat for your guest...

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