Maple Syrup, Pure

Serving Size 1/4 cup
Calories 200
Fat 0 g
Carbohydrates 53 g
Protein 0 g
Recipes that use this ingredient
Mint Chocolate Tarts
Pumpkin Pecan Pie
Apple Cranberry Crisp
Cranberry Pumpkin Spice Hot Chocolate
Paleo Pumpkinpiescream
Paleo Pumpkin Pie Cupcakes
Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Mini Muffins
Iced Gingerbread Latte
Paleo Pumpkin Granola
Pumpkin Pie Ice Cream Coffee Float
Pumpkin Spice Coffee
Pumpkin Butter
The Pumpkin Martini
Paleo Pumpkin Bread Breakfast Pizza
Maple Roasted Acorn Squash
Paleo Skillet Carrot Cake for Breakfast
Paleo Maple Glazed Banana Walnut Donuts
Apple Cinnamon Banana Bread
Paleo Oreos
Tuscan Pumpkin Sauce
Paleo Chocolate Strawberry Donuts
Purple Sweet Potato Muffins
Paleo Pumpkin Blondies
Maple Bacon Pancake Bars
Homemade Applesauce
Apple Galette
Snickerdoodles (from Make It Paleo 2)
Seriously Moorish Strawberry Marbled Banana Bread
Paleo Cranberry Lemon Upside Down Cake
Paleo Nutella Fudge Bars
Apple & Cinnamon Mini Muffins with Maple-Vanilla Almond Butter "Frosting"
Paleo Bananas Foster
Blueberry Muffins
Tigernut Cassava Brownies
Zucchini Bread Breakfast Pizza
Salted Caramel Coconut Milk Ice Cream
Maple-Vanilla Almond Butter
Raw Rainbow Spicy Nutty Lettuce Wraps
Cabbage, Fennel and Peach Slaw
Coconut Rice and Pomegranate Porridge
Paleo Key Lime Pie Smoothie
Grain Free Chocolate Donut Holes
Rhubarb Coffee Cake Muffins
Banana, Fig & Walnut Muffins
Chocolate Chocolate Chip Banana Muffins
Cauliflower cake with glazed-maple bacon and figs
Lemon Blueberry Waffles (Make It Paleo 2)
Lemon Cheesecake Ice-cream
Healthy, Homemade Asian Style BBQ Sauce
Crispy Chocolate Cookies
Lemon Chia Mini Muffins with Whipped Vanilla Coconut Cream Frosting
Apple Crumb Pie
Double Chocolate Banana Bread
Baked Chicken Fingers with Orange Sesame Dipping Sauce
Sweet Paleo BBQ Sauce
Chocolate Chip Cherry Ginger Cookies
Decadent Dark Chocolate Almond Butter Cups
4-Ingredient Coconut Macaroons
Apple, Leek, Cabbage Salad with Beef Tips
Paleo Vanilla Sauce
Paleo Spiced Carrot Cake
Carrot Cake Mini Muffins with Cinnamon Spiked Vanilla Cashew Cream Cheese Frosting
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream
Pigs in a Pillow
AIP Lavender Shortbread Cookies
2-Bite Blueberry Gummies
Maple Vanilla Choc Chip Banana Bread
Coconut Rough
Tapioca Pancake
Maple Brown Sugar N'Oatmeal
Cranberry Coconut "Muesli"
Carrot Cake (version 2)
Maple Cinnamon Banana Bread
Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies
Salted Caramel Banana Milkshakes
'Chocolate Covered Strawberry' Chia Pudding
Double Chocolate Raspberry Coconut Fudge Muffins
Raw Caramel Macadamia Bliss Balls
Chocolate Chip Mini Cupcakes
Olive Oil Spice Cupcakes with Bourbon Persimmon Frosting
Sweet Potato Bundt Cakes
Nut Free Brownie
Rustic Apple Tart
Pumpkin Maple Cake with Chocolate Coconut Buttercream Frosting
Luscious Lemon Cupcakes from Make It Paleo 2
Flourless Chocolate Cakelets with Raspberry Sauce
Roasted Carrot Ginger Soup
Grain-Free Chocolate Cake
Oven Roasted Maple BBQ Salmon
Chocolate Caramel Pecan Pie Bars
Nut-Free Chocolate Chip Cookies
Paleo Orange Maple Holiday Cookies
Whipped Peppermint Mocha Chia Pudding
AIP "Chocolate" and Peppermint No Bake Macaroons
Glazed Ham
Cranberry Bars
Turkey and Roasted Sweet Potato Spinach Salad with Cranberry Vinaigrette
Soft Gingersnaps
Raw Peach & Macadamia Cream Tart
Salted Dark Chocolate Thumbprint Cookies
Roasted Butternut Squash
Healthy Pumpkin Fudge
Chocolate Pumpkin Pecan Fudge
Carob Covered Apples
Spiced Pumpkin Cider
Almond Butter Monster Cupcakes
Creamy Hot Cocoa (dairy free)
Chocolate Cake
Spicy Maple Bacon and Dark Chocolate Scones
A Healthier Applesauce
Dairy-free Pumpkin Milkshake
Real Deal Pumpkin Spice Latte
Paleo Pumpkin Pancakes
Apple Pie Cake
5-ingredient brownie
Raw Lemon Tart
Maple Cinnamon Almonds
Twix Pie
Elvis Pancakes
Apple Streusel Caramel Flatbread
Choc Chia Pudding
Trail Mix Cookies
Crunchy Apple Spice Granola
Cinnamon Spice Bars
Butterscotch Maple Coconut Squares
Coconut Flour Pumpkin Muffins
Rustic Peach Galette
Pumpkin Muffin with Nut Streusel Topping
Cinnamon Roll Macaroons
Zucchini Cake
Almond Butter Chocolate Chip Bread
Brownie Kale Bites
Paleo Granola
Miso Glazed Salmon
Vanilla Cashew Ice Cream
Chocolate Sunbutter Grahams
Salted "Caramel" Chocolate Pudding
Creamy Coffee and Chocolate Sorbet
Grain Free Maple Nut Granola
Sweet Potato Salad with Bacon (AIP)
Cinnamon Maple Pecans
Blueberry Thumbprint Cookies
Blueberry Mint Balsamic Salmon
Vegan Double Chocolate Cookies
Italian No-Pasta Salad
Homemade Maple Sugar
Raw Chocolate Raspberry Slice
Strawberry Shortcake
Homemade Marshmallows
Grain-free Chocolate Cupcakes with Toasted Marshmallow Topping
Vegan Protein Fudge
Bacon Maple Bourbon Chicken
Strawberry Peach Rhubarb Crisp
Banana-Choco Mousse
Vegan Apple Crumble
Carrot Cake Muffins
Herb Pork Tenderloin with Maple Butter
Vanilla-Strawberry Air Biscuits
Espresso Sea Salt Brownies with Mocha Coconut Butter Frosting
Vegan No-bake Nanaimo Bars
Vanilla Bean Coffee Marshmallows
Sausage and Sweets Breakfast Bowl
Copycat Cadbury Creme Eggs
Pancake Poppers
Chocolate Marbled Cheesecakes
Flourless Zucchini Brownies
Oreo Cream Pies
Autoimmune Paleo BBQ Sauce
Key Lime Cheesecake with Coconut Cream Topping
Chocolate-Covered Almonds
Fluffy Carrot-Apple Pudding
Coffee Cake Banana Bread
Sweet Pulled Pork Waffle Sliders
Paleo Cookie Dough
Autoimmune Paleo Salted Caramel Ice Cream
Vanilla Soft Serve with Berry Chocolate Bark
German Sweet Potato Salad
Rosemary and Garlic Maple Glazed Carrots
Cranberry-Orange Gummies
Orange Beef and Fried Cabbage Noodles (aka Caboodles)
Dulce de Leche Sea Salted Caramel Chocolate Cups
Lemon Meltaway Balls
Apple Cinnamon Noatmeal
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Mug Cake
Banana Split Pie
Grain-Free Apple Pecan Breakfast Bake
5 Minute Microwave Apple Cinnamon Mug Cake
Grain-Free Magic Cookie Bars
Mexican Chocolate Hotcakes
Grain-Free Sandwich Bread
Bacon - Cured Pork Belly
Soft Caramel
Fudgesicle Pudding Cups
Grain Free Donuts
Orange Scones and Cranberry Scones
Almost Allergen-free Cupcakes
Spicy Chipotle Hazelnut Butter
Chocolate and Raspberry Torte
Strawberry Shortcake
Tiramisu Cream Cheese Filling
Coffee and Amaretto Syrup
Coconut Flour Lady Finger Cookies
"The Reese's Cupcake" Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cupcakes with Sunbutter Frosting
Sunbutter Frosting
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough- Egg Free
Date-Filled Thumbprint Cookies
Chocolate Thumbprint Cookies
Mashed Sweet Potatoes
Pumpkin Spice Squares with Toasted Coconut
Pumpkin Spice Cookies
Pumpkin Spice Cakes
Almond Flour Sugar Cookies
Nellie's Apple Crisp
Pumpkin Spiced Pancakes
German Chocolate Torte
Strawberry Preserves
Vanilla Custard
Coconut Cream Cheese Frosting
Cream Cheese Frosting
Vanilla Frosting
Avocado Mocha Frosting
Date Mixture
Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream
Chocolate Almond Butter Ice Cream
Pumpkin Ice Cream
Coffee Ice Cream
Chocolate Mocha Cupcakes
Lemon Poppy Seed Muffins
Chocolate Raspberry Mini Muffins
Strawberry Shortcake Cupcakes
Burnt Almond Cupcakes
Peppermint Patties
Coconut Fudge
Banana Bread
Baked Apples
Strawberry Tartlets
Lemon Cheesecake
Pumpkin Chiffon Pie
Chocolate Pudding Pie
Almond Flour Pie Crust
Almond Fudge Brownies
Raspberry Torte
Coconut Cake
Carrot Cake
Dark Chocolate Cake
Coconut Macaroons
Fig Pinwheels
Infamous Bacon Cookies
N’oatmeal Cookies
Gingerbread Cookies
Chocolate Chip Cookies
Carrot Soufflé
Cranberry Sauce
Barbecue Sauce
Relevant dietary categories
Contains GAPS
Contains SCD
Contains Sugar