Broths & Sauces Pack


Our NEW organic Broths and Sauces Pack contains a versatile mix of spices with a huge range of uses. This pack contains the foundational flavor elements of Broths and Sauces, Stocks and Roasts. This pack is our most versatile pack yet, containing:

Himalayan Pink Salt: Considered to be the purest of all salts, mineral-rich Himalayan Pink Salt is an amazing flavor enhancer, perfect for all types of dishes.

Black Peppercorns: Our Black Pepper stimulates your tastebuds with subtle heat and exotic flavor. It can be used to accent dishes in nearly every cuisine. Grind just prior to use to experience best quality.

Bay Leaves: Our superb Turkish Bay Leaves are fragrantly sweet, with hints of lemon and cloves. Use in soups, stocks, sauces, roasts, or add to marinades. Remove before serving.

Oregano: Indispensable to tomato based sauces, Italian, Mexican and Spanish dishes.  Whole leaf oregano is prized for its aroma and mild, sweet flavor.

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All of our spices are USDA Organic, certified gluten-free, OU Kosher, Non-GMO, and Non-Irradiated. It means you can enjoy their many flavor and health benefits without worrying about their quality.


These blends are in 4oz glass bottles. The net wt varies from spice to spice.

Himalayan Pink Salt (net wt 4.7 oz)

Black Peppercorns (net wt 1.9 oz)

Bay Leaves (net wt 0.15 oz)

Oregano (net wt 0.55 oz)



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